Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Brave, the Bold, the Battered

Here's a story published by Short Story Library.


  1. Re: The Brave, the Bold, the Battered:
    The story is interesting and well-written, but don't they wear shoes "in the south?" Why did all abandon? Loose ends are O.K., but not if they leave the reader with the feeling that the main issue is avoided in the story.

  2. Is the "industrial world" he returned to gone and empty because it is not really the industrial world of people but his nagging conscience about abandoning people, a conscience which he refuses to face despite his not blaming anyone else either?

  3. The story's based off an abandoned shoe factory in my hometown (central Illinois, though a lot of people here THINK it's the South). I'm not sure why it closed; I think the business just went elsewhere.

    I have a think for ambiguity--it's a double-edged sword, I admit. This leads to a lot of loose ends, some that work, many that don't. I won't consider any of these stories "finished" until they wind up bound in a collection that bears my name (God and the publishing industry willing).

  4. Oh, and thanks for following. I didn't reply sooner because I don't log in here nearly as much as I should; nor am I sure how to check for comments. I just randomly happened to notice yours.