Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is a dark little poem.


  1. Re: This is a dark little poem: SURVIVAL

    A really good effort to force the self to look at the negatives, terrors of existence. But we all know the nagging of conscience about what we do to our own edible animals because of hunger. The real horrors and terrors are beyond this. Impressive attempt though. I think maybe you do a little bit of turning away yourself. Good writing. Good luck in your career.

  2. Thanks. And yes--this is one of many poems/stories I've written where I try not to flinch away. Yet I always do. You'll be happy to know, when I wrote this poem initially for a college workshop, one of the girls who read it refused to comment on it, because she was too disturbed/repulsed to offer an unbiased opinion. Made my day.